MODICA produces all of our microfactory and workspace modules, shipping container tools and accessories, and Micromanufacturing Array systems in-house, with extensive and ample production and fabrication capacity. We currently offer the services described below.

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Custom Shipping container retrofit design, fabrication, and logistics

  • 3D CAD design and photo-realistic visualization of Pre-Spec and custom container modules.

  • Engineering and production planning.

  • Waterjet, plasma, and abrasive cutting, welding, media blasting, and painting.

  • Interior fitments including thermal and acoustic insulation, utilities routing and access (electricity, water, compressed air, data etc), durable and decorative wall finishes, flooring, interior dividers and walls, storage systems and more.

  • Exterior treatments including wall cladding, roof modules, stairs and mezzanines, decks and extensions, all from our pre-configured selections or custom-made to suit specific needs.

Automation, robotics, and systems integration

Through our internal subsidiary, XENOPS Robotics and Automation, we provide traditional process automation and systems integration services including:

  • Custom machine work cells and robotic end-effectors.

  • Purpose-built CNC machine tools.

  • Industrial robot sales, custom integration, and service.

  • Conveyance and material handling systems.

  • Control systems upgrading and updating.

  • Predictive maintenance and traditional service and repair programs.

Business Process, structure, and apparatus reformatting

  • Consulting services to assist in adapting businesses or any of their sub-systems into more modular, portable, scalable formats.

  • Advising to CNC/Digital/Desktop machine tool manufacturers and developers in order to identify and successfully address integration opportunities.

waterjet, sheetmetal, and machining services

Directly, or through our on-site partner, Pacific Sheetmetal and Fabrication:

  • 12’ x 6’ and 4’ x 5’ single-setup waterjet capacity (larger parts possible with multiple setups)

  • Sheetmetal shearing up to 10’ wide, 1/4” steel

  • Sheetmetal bending up to 18’ wide - 600T hydraulic brake

  • Sheetmetal rolling up to 10’ wide, 12’ diameter

  • Sheetmetal box forming and miscellaneous punching and forming operations

  • Architectural and decorative finishing, including blackening, plating, powder coating, galvanizing, and annodizing.